Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bayerische Socks

I'm going to break my "rule" of only knitting one pair of socks at a time. There's a Ravelry group doing them in February and it is too good an opportunity to miss joining. It's a tricky pattern and Eunny hasn't put it in PDF, hopefully many have knitted it before so the bugs will be out of it. I've had the spreadsheet done for a while, added 4 sts to the centre panels just need to recheck symbols and calculations later today. Looks like 84st CO, 104 leg will do just nicely.

I'm happy to take my time with this project, do enough to keep up with the group while finishing the Fish and Chippies socks, then will give them my full attention.


Trish said...

Oh, I have about 3 inches of a Bayerische sock that has been hibernating for a while...maybe I'd better check out that group in Ravelry and join you.

ramdonthreads in Ravelry

ozlorna said...

It's Socks Anonymous, it's a tricky pattern and joining in with the group is too good an opportunity to pass up.