Monday, February 23, 2009

Crescent Moon/Japanese Feather and Fan Shawl

I'm doing a bit happy dance. I. Have. Finished. it. Thank God! Over 1000m of it - AND some idiot felt the need to put beads on the edge rows.

I put extra repeats in, ending with 404 stitches - but who's counting?? And then one of my Canadian friends, Marlene, told me how to put beads on with a crochet hook. soooooooo on the knit row I had 67 beads (on 11 rows) and on the purl (5) rows, 131 beads .. the very next time I feel the need to put beads on someone please redirect me to this post.

I've washed and blocked it.

I'm very happy with it, a day after the horror that was putting beads on has passed. Blocked well. This photo shows the bead detail. The photo showing them shinny didn't turn out well, unfortunately, but I put it on the end.