Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Modern Victoria Automatic Knitter (aka CSM)

My friend and I went halvies in a Circular Sock Machine. It has been refurbished and it my turn to have at it. and here it is:

Owen has already made us a "bonnet" which is like a cast on rag.

So this afternoon, youtube and I will be exploring the possibilities... I'll come back later and put in some photos of how it went.

I've had a good much around with it. Tried out a few different experiments. I did try out the toe up version, but. I have to say I kitchener stitch a seam closed faster than I rehang the other side of the toe.

I did pick up one dropped stitch for the practice. it was not moving up the weights. I also did some 4.5 4 and 3.5 stitch sizes on the tube. I also tried putting the needles onto the ribber mechanism. Well that didn't work! so next experiment will be top down.

Photo includes dropped stitches not picked up.