Sunday, February 18, 2018

Intarsia Carriage notes

For the Ravellenics this year I decided to get the intarsia carriage out and learn to use it. I like to find something new to try out. Previously it's been a project I've always wanted to find time to do, punch some more cards and so on, but this is time for the intarsia!

Prep stuff:
  • First thing run the carriage across the beds ONCE ONLY before the first row.
  • I decided to go from L to R - 1st colour, cross 2nd colour in front of 1st, cross third etc. so it goes the way of the carriage and the next row the same 1st, cross 2nd, cross 3rd.
Kniting stuff

I tried a couple of different ways of holding the yarns, but in the end I held them all together about 25-ish cm below the centre, firmly in one hand and allow them to run though my fingers

Things to look out for
  • all latches much be OPEN
  • yarn MUST lay on top of the flat latches
  • make sure the END needle is covered
  • make sure the crosses cover adjacent needles OR
  • don't miss a needle when positioning yarns
  • always cross even if at an angle
  • use weights evenly across the work
  • check to make sure that all needles have knitted, sometimes they don't
I'll add some photos tomorrow and anything else I want to add.