Tuesday, June 6, 2023

LK150: 3D printed Adjustable Needle Selector

 I saw a post on fb about a 3D printed adjustable 6.5 ruler for the LK150. Just like the ones I've used on my 5mm pinky Passap for years. 

Link to Thingiverse files

They don't say which type of filament to use. So I had to ask my friend who works with 3D printing. I don't like taking advantage of my friend and I was perfectly happy to order it, but I didn't have a clue which filament I needed for it. He had some left over from a previous job and did one for his LK150 too! He since said he used: 1.75mm thick and I usually get PLA+. There is such a huge selection of colours, thickness, type etc from the retailer he uses, you can see why I had to ask!

He's working on 3D pattern files for selectors for 3.6mm for use with SK fine machines and 4.5mm for our std machines, which will be put into Thingiverse for all. When it's done, I'll come back and edit my post. (And another post on interesting ways to use it)

Here's the 6.5mm in action marking out the ribbing to be relatched. My hint on doing this - cast on, knit one row, relatch that very first row, knit the next xx rows to be relatched then drop then down and off we go. It's much, much easier to stick the prong into the correct stitch when it's already formed.. My tip!

In the meantime, I ordered a nice book - AlterKnit by Andrea Rangel. I bought the Chinese edition from Aliexpress as I was only interested in the motifs. The Kindle edition would be acceptable too, as would the English version, with it's How to Knit etc chapters. I only wanted the interesting motifs. Even though I do have oodles of fair isle pattern books. Well, I'll be using them too. So little time, so much to knit.

Back to the book, the machine and the FI carriage! The FC6 works with the needles in HOLD knitting Col B.  Arrange the needles so Col A knits all the needles in Working Position and Col B will knit all the selected needles in hold, presto. instant fair isle  for LK150/FC6 combo.

Now I'm set - Kris's needle beetle for pattern options it does and adjustable ruler for variety of patterns it doesn't cover. I like the options.

My Spiderman mad grandson was inline for the spider themed jumper. (His brother wanted a Harry Potter jumper for Book Week - done - so there was definitely a spider themed jumper next!)

I did end up marking the bed for the 28s x 17r motif - soooo much easier after my mistakes/remakes. and here's the back. I mucked up the last spider, so I told him he sat on it! I manage to keep the spiders in place with the help of the water based markers on the front. Diana Sullivan said she uses Crayola ones, so I bought those. As far as I can see - use the ones that rub off with water. The marks are already gone!

Pretty close colours.
I like how the spiders don't jump out,
but blend nicely from afar.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Broken Toe Cast On Steps for 8ply-ish on the E6000

This is for the thickish almost 8ply. 250g/100g 

T1/1 1RC

No strippers

Insert comb in V beneath the BB needles add weights - or before either/or.

Remove FB needles, the fastest way was push them all up tap them all down a bit, remove the yarn.

make sure all FB needles are back into WP

Locks haven't moved anywhere

TX (5/5) N/N knit 1 row

TX (6.5/6.5) CX/CX 2 rows

N/N Insert Orange strippers

Put on 7s


Begin to knit ribbing.

after a few rows, put heel grip on edges

Then again, choose thinner yarn and do a racking cast on.

Friday, May 19, 2023

E6000 Repair, Refurbish, Restore - a gift from Jill Dixon

Some photos of the repairs.

In pieces
 I hadn't realised I hadn't put in an update for when I pulled apart my new e6000 and put in new flow combs. 

Some photos of what I did. It's not so long ago that I don't remember. A month out of my life I didn't get back.

Photos to follow. the back bed was frozen. It's working well.

Needles and pushers removed

The tool to undo all the nuts under

New piece ready to replace the broken one

Getting replaced

Broken eyelet