Thursday, November 5, 2015

MKM Oct 15 Article on How I Make Felted Slippers

... has now been published in Machine Knitting Monthly, Oct 2015

Which is very thrilling for me and I'd like to thank my friend Bev for suggesting it and Anne Smith of MKM for publishing.

I hope anyone getting the mag likes the article. Here are my daughter Anthea and her friend April drinking hot chocolate and wearing their slippers.

Working on adding photos and explaining my working notes...

First edit 7 Jan 17.

Anthea’s Bloom Purple + some of April’s pinks 
April’s Murano 47 Pinks and Vine 
Kris’ Vine, Hydrangea and Shoal - that she sent.
Anth and Kris about the same size (Oz size 9 = Ladies Large), (Ash - 4 rows less in foot, Oz size 7 = Med) all widths the same. 
SK155 T6 
SK155 T8 - fair isle upper.
Punched the cards - 12st repeats. - from the Chunky pattern book - Kris’ is from book 4 with the lady in blue with the lace tie.
make the inner sole: Ev 4th row EON alternating slip stitch: 
C026 WY, 1 row MY working short row from the middle 8/12/8. 
K (56) 60 rows 
short rows to 12, take it off ready to graft onto outer sole.
CO 61 (1 for join) T8 - cuff 1:1 EON slip st 4th row once 
knit 2 rows, pick up loops from slip st EON 
T9 - join together 1 row. 
Divide up 13,4,26,4,14 (= +1 for join) 
take off 26 - for front 4 + 4 onto bobby pins put 13-1=13 24 
join inner sole and work short rows out. - joining loops from slip stitches ev 4th row EON. 
change to heel colour short row down to 7/12/7 or 6/14/6 depending on how pointy the toes are. 
Change to under sole colour 
knit (56) 60 rows, picking up both the stitches on bobby pins and the inner sole. (for the first 10 rows). 
short rows to 14 (Anth 12), attach the end of the inner sole, continue graduations back out to 26sts, 
T8 start fair isle, contrast in Feeder B 
join to both sole pieces SAYG to end. 
but leave the opposite end needle in hold and knit both threads manually. 
Graft (kitchener) to cuff. 
secure and weave in ends.