Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Broken Toe Cast On Steps for 8ply-ish on the E6000

This is for the thickish almost 8ply. 250g/100g 

T1/1 1RC

No strippers

Insert comb in V beneath the BB needles add weights - or before either/or.

Remove FB needles, the fastest way was push them all up tap them all down a bit, remove the yarn.

make sure all FB needles are back into WP

Locks haven't moved anywhere

TX (5/5) N/N knit 1 row

TX (6.5/6.5) CX/CX 2 rows

N/N Insert Orange strippers

Put on 7s


Begin to knit ribbing.

after a few rows, put heel grip on edges

Then again, choose thinner yarn and do a racking cast on.

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