Friday, May 7, 2010

Bergere de France pattern 289 - Blouson Zippe

Well most know I love these patterns, especially the MK logo AND the little bit that says (TYPE C = 7) which is especially for Passap. I loves them so much, I'm going to put in some links:

Old patterns: and you can see the lovely logo that looks like a bridge? followed by: Ce modèle peut être réalisé sur une machine à tricoter familiale, means you can chuck them on your standard machine and use
this list to see which machine is which letter machine and
this list for what the abbreviations mean. And just as a sweetener, here is a list of
French to English knitting terms. There you are then, everything you need to know and see why they are just the best thing on the net for all knitters, especially MKers.

And there is the tricotheque for the latest free pattens for the ladies.. Now I know what you are thinking - but, it's in French... Never fear all patterns more or less say the same thing, don't they? anyways as per the Pirates Code - they are more guidelines. And to make you feel really better, here's a bit from my Blouson Zippe...

Here are the instructions from the Right Front:

Emmanchure et épaule : Rab. à gauche comme au dos.

And what does it all mean?

Armhole and shoulder shaping - do what you did on the back.

And the left front? Yep - do what you did on the right one but in reverse... Seriously, go look for yourself! The row count is all there, for you to stop.. do your shaping .. easy as. I usually don't bother to translate if there's a graph and a schematic. Just the rows and numbers. I took a photo of the working notes - all the numbers of stitches and rows.

Now here's my dilemma: I've done the sleeves, back and right front, and now I think it would have been better to use the size lower on the back bed to pull in on the ribbing sections.. Oh deary me, what I've decided to do is the left front that way to see if it's better and if it is - redo the back and right front. I've left this for over a week now while I have a think.

I made my two Panda Cotton socks instead. I'm more inclined to do one project at a time, I'm not so good if I have too many things on the go at once... So... I'll edit in what I decide.