Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dream Week 2017 and A week of Hands on with Tony Bennett

I should have posted this in September. But better late than never.

Little did Lauren and I know when we planned our Dream Week this year, it was to be the last one.

My tutors for this year were, Carol, Erica, Tony, John, Bill and Jane. Carol went over finishing for us, Erica introduced me to working with wire; Tony did  two classes, working with colour and simple squares into garment design; the delightful John took a break from his usual jacquard instructions and played with sqaures; Bill - well brilliant as always bringing his slant on how he designs knitware for a living with an amazing collection of his samples; and Jane demystifying the circular sock machine,

Selfie with Bill and me

Some of Bill's creations

Lauren hard at work
Erica's working with wire classs

This last yarn challenge from Uppingham's Nick was a simple fussy tube yarn with blobs of colourful "pills".  Owen wonderful dress he did on his E8000, embellished with the blobs of colour - won!
Hem detail of Owen's creation.