Sunday, October 29, 2017

Falling Blossom Scarf

I found an LC2 punchcard on the Russian site that I thought might be good for an idea I had for a messy looking, or random placement of lace flowing into less and less holes in the middle of the scarf continuing down the other side to a messy lace..

Here is the card I found. T6 on the LC2, with some cone "100% wool" looks like it is. about 3ish ply.. Looks and feels very nice, will wash and block when it's finished.

I don't think it's actually tried and true, there were a lot of dropped stitches in the same place on each repeat, so I'd say it's not too good for the first rows, but I just reformed them anywhichway, adding to the random ness.

Not many other notes to add, and as I have a couple of posts still in draft, I'll post this one off, add better photos so it's easier for me to make some adjustments and a photo of the end.

Update. Unfortunately, the wool had been chewed by moths!! so the whole thing has been thrown and and new yarn chosen.

I didn'like Tony's figure of 8 no roll edge for the lace carriage. The needles cannot be brought out to hold - the lace carriage needles must not go further than the gateposts, sot he edges weren't as nice as I'd like. I'm going to do Diana Sulliban's idea - that will suit, but I'll leave a lace hole and not fill it.

A Ravelry friend found the pattern. It's Hanami Stole herre on Rav.

II'll put up photos when it's finished. Very happy with the idea to project.