Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting off 2013

Starting off 2013 again with the intention to going cold sheep - meaning to buy some things that I need to finish projects, and one or two things in September at Fairfield Yarns near Manchester. I know, last time I said cold sheep I really meant frozen sheep meaning not buying a thing. However I ran out of cotton and bought enough to finish the cardi, so in the end I decided that cold sheep for me meant buying a little bit but using up so much more.

Here is my Ravelry stash tab totals

Anyways this is from my Ravelry Stash page. the 44 used up are the ones I've set aside to make projects.

I want to do some lace projects first. I've been busy swatching and tomorrow I'll try to finish off one project and start winding the 4ply cotton.

the little messy bit at the bottom is what happens when weights come off and you don't notice. Nice even weight if so important for successful lacemaking.
Tuesday is forecasted to be a very, very hot day, so I'll try my best to working out all the patterns for the swatches and finish winding all the cottons. Ready for Wednesday, when if they are right, will be cooler again.

I'm hoping to use 50 x 200g of those Bendigo balls this year.

And before I go off to measure my swatching efforts, this is how I finished 2012:
No of  Projects: 33
No 50g balls deemed used: 328.9
No of metres knit: 33,548m

And I've decided that's not too shabby.