Thursday, June 2, 2016

Things to do with making knee socks on a Bro Bulky

My brother wants some knee length thick socks. I have a borrowed Bulky KH230+ribber and some 12ply.

Pin Co 56 sts
cuff = 24 rows T6. Relatch
Leg: T5 RC60 -2 ev 4R to 40sts, RC116 → to 224RC
Rotate before 225 BACK to MB. (no hold on ribber)
Heel: wrap down to 6, then back. RC000
Feet: T5 to RC 66
Toe: every: 3rd round x 2; 2nd x 3; 1 x to 8 sts.

First pair I did I handknitted the cuff. I didn't want to have a seam down the back. This was OK, but I thought I'd try to see if I could knit circular and drop down relatch, how hard would that be?

First experiment was to knit them at T3, -2MT, which wasy way too tight, I tried T6, +1MT,  OK, but T5 on the last two pair worked the best.

CSM Working Notes

Bonnet on EON on cylinder.
WY for a couple of rows
TWO weights for Cyl only
AT LEAST THREE weights for ribber.

Bonnet and Buckle placement:
Pinch bonnet so the buckle goes sideways from front to back, in line with where the centre of the heel will go. This makes placement of the centre heel weight so much easier.

Ribber Weighting.
The ribber post interferes with the correct knitting off of all stitches on that side of the machine when the ribber is attached (NOT when using cylinder only), at least three weights is needed on the buckle to force the stitches to be correctly knitted off around the post. And as the buckle is lined up on the edge near the post - make sure it's FIRMLY in place so maximum benefit of the weight if placed, right where it's needed the most.

prefect toe up
8ply EON
"Scotch" heel

** INCOMPLETE** photos for me so I don't forget what worked best and more notes to follow