Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time to knit another lace shawl

I've looked till I've burned shawls into my eyes and have decided to make

Zetor Scarf Pattern

in my October 08 prize from Daphne's the Knittery.

I have pictures, but it is cold and raining and will have to wait to show it all blocked and lovely, however, here are some unblocked photos.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Blankets on the Passap

My goal is to put the 29 x 100g balls of 5ply acrylic I "found" in my garage clean up through my machine.

Passap Pattern Book - First Experiences:

4 have gone into : #7031, two colour BX/BX pattern, done exactly as written, except I needed to do 700+ rows to get it square, and not doing the fringe.

This is the first time I've used 177 sts each bed, with pushers. Now is the time I'm sorry I put the crook needles at the end, LOL. I will replace the flawed needle on the left side front bed as it keep dropping stitches, before I do another one.

This one is the two colour one, and except that apparently I can't count to 6... it went very well. My only other problem is the hesitation I sometimes do at the beginning of the row after I pick up the colour - this changes the positions of the first couple of pushers, of course and when I get over my doubts - the first couple are out of order. If only I could learn to have the hesitations at the END of the row! Also needs weights on the left side, I think it's the old style colour changer pulling the last stitch on each bed off their needles.

I gave one to April, my niece Mel's new bub on Mother's day lunch on Sunday.