Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Show Stuff and the RG14 Games

Well now, I know that I should have posted this one a while ago, but better late than never. It's showtime in the first half of the year here on the east coast. Canberra first, then Sydney and all the local suburban shows around Sydney suburbs.

For Canberra I've put in a tuck stitch baby blanket and bubble scarf.

 Sydney circuit is a little different for me this year, I've decided to bit the bullet and put in the Sydney Royal. I decided they need a Kate shawl, one of the lace cotton tops from last year, some socks and something from Carl Boyd's lecture from Dream week

I've combined the socks, Kate shawl and Carl's idea-ish in with the Ravellenic Ravelry 2014 KAL while the Olympics are on the tele.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Ribbed Hat

This is the quick and easy hat I make for Theo on the Passap with sock wool.

Cast on 70L:71R 11.11.11 BB and fill in the . on the FB with needles, I don't follow the needle rule, for this hat, because it seams better with two stitches on each end of one bed, been doing it for years and no harm has ever come to machine or ribbing..
That gives what I call 140 but of course isn't.

T3.5, 100R (this doesn't have any turn up if you want it to, then do 150Rows. If you want a looser ribbing then increase the stitch size but this is a firm rib.

FB: dec 11 to 1 - T3 rack half a turn so it's in the middle of the 11.11 on the .
knit 4 rows
BB dec 11 to 1 - T2.75 rack back so it's even and have both locks T2.75, but I like to leave both end 11 there so I can seam the last couple of rows easier.
T2.75 knit 2 rows
Take off with waste yarn.
Sew seam.but don't cut the yarn yet.
then I double the yarn ove so I get two threads through the loops of the last stitches, I think they draw in better, then tie them up with the tail from the side seam.

I like to run the needle directly opposite and tie it off then the other side of the + to close it up a little bit better. I think boys like a more complete hat.

For Japanese conversion, which I haven't done, because I use the Passap for all ribbing but this should work:

Set up your ribber to knit 11.11 and use the recommended stitch size, and maybe one click lower if you wanted a firm ribbing. the set up is the same L70/R71 11.11 all the way along

half pitch the ribber and fill in the empty needle on the main bed with two ribber needles.

Cast on normally and knit 100 rows

then decrease on the ribber bed so you have 1 needle and pull pitch so it's even between the main bed needles. knit 4 rows and decrease maybe 1 whole number? you may need to use the doover thingo to prepare the ribber needles to knit correctly.

decrease the main bed so you have 1 needle on each bed in work and half pitch so they are nice and even.

decrease the stitch size maybe 1.1? certainly want to tighten things up and maybe pull all the needles out to hold, to allow them all to knit off correctly at such a low number for both the next two rows. I would to make sure it knit and it doesn't take long with the ruler.
Take off on WY and finish the same.