Sunday, November 29, 2009

Passap Baby Leggings Pattern

Size: about 6mths
Wool: Bendigo Luxury 4ply
Tension: 28S/40R = 10cm

I used the schematic from Drops as a numbers base, sort of. Take a look for a different size, change the rib/body numbers to suit your design. Daughter of mine is doing the finishing and this is what I did:

T3.5, 2:2, C/O 84 x 2 (168 sts).
18R, do eyelets (put one of the 2s on the other one, leave the needles in work)
flip the front bed to the back, (change colour)

T6, 2rows, put side quarters (42sts) to the FB, RC000.
CX/CX, 80R
Divi up: 35/14/35 both beds.
put the 14 centres sts onto scrap.
put the left leg 70 (35 FB/35BB) onto deckers. RC000.

Right Leg:
work on 70sts
CX/CX, Dec 2 sts (1 each bed) inside leg side ev 8 rows to RC88 (24 sts remain)
straight to RC96. take off the machine with deckers and;

Do the other leg the same.

Now for choice:
I took the legs off, put onto cables and Loz will knit s 2:2 rib in contrast.
Up to everyone what they do next:
? change colour
knit in rib/garter sts by hand.
do the rib/garter stitch on the machine and graft it.