Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trip to Silver Needles, Hamilton, North Is, NZ

My kind of souvenirs.

I bought the Kathleen Kinder book and the two fair isle punchcard packs.

The Seminar notes has contributions from all of the NZ regions, some are revisiting of past notes and some new ideas. The Workshop Notes is what you take into the classes. The tutors got a "Tutor" ribbon and a nice knitted garland to wear. The organisers, judge, and committee etc, all had ribbons so it was easy to see an organiser if there was a problem, for instance.Also in the mix was a lovely hand made Thank You card for the two classes I gave on my felted slippers from MKMOct15..

I had the most wonderful time. I took seven classes along with the two I presented. There was something new to learn in every classes. All tutors are members of NZMKers, The attendees seemed to be interested in my tutorial and the 7-prong Bulky tool was inspected by everyone (so I couldn't use it!!) Both classes.

On the way back to the airport, we stopped at the Merino Story shop in Huntley.  We has mornos overlooking the thermal power station, and had the most wonderful time inspecting all the knitwear therein. We decided we could make most of the stuff and I did actually BUY something (a stuffed sheep for the boyo arriving next December) Found an excellent way to use up some beads on gloves and we went away inspired!!

Next year is in Invercargill - southern end of the South Island - next stop South Pole.  In June. There will be snow. And I'm looking forward to it, well not the cold, but most definitely the company.