Monday, August 26, 2019

Plating on the SK Single Bed Machine

We were chatting about plating on the SK the other day on Ravelry, then again to a friend. It seems I'm not the only one who had trouble following the manual. Here is the bottom of the page out of my manual, It doesn't look right.  And the important piece of taking the main yarn out and replacing it after, is essential. The trailing yarn MUST be able to slide behind the main yarn in the crescent shaped curve, or IT DOESN'T work. Most annoying. but there it is, twisted yarn before the sinker plate, is no plating.

Here is the slot where you put the latch/tapet tool
Which doesn't help. I turned the sinker plate upside down to try to see what to do.

And you can see the slot behind where the yarn usually sits.
It doesn't look right. The yarn behind is the one that trails behind the main yarn and is placed IN FRONT of it before the stitch is completed. The purl side yarn slides in the slot.

And here's the whole page of confusion.

There is a plating accessory for the ribber that fits all standard and fine gauge ribbers.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Last little bit on the ScanNCut Punchcards

I bet you thought I'd finish with discussing cutting up perfectly nice bits of paper and turning them into cards to use in the knitting machines.

Over on Ravelry, we have had an excellent discussion on the Passap Group Computer Die cut thread. Lots of interesting results from experimenting with the stock to use that will go through the Deco and Jac. One used "poly paper" - Yupo 85g with great results. When I looked it up - it's the stuff they make pull up banners from.

So off to the local printworks and asked if they sold it? No. Asked if they had offcuts? Well, yes we do. Apparently they were keeping it for someone who hadn't come to collect, so they decided to get rid of it. To me.

I got a huge bundle. With glossy and matt finishes in the thinner, and a few pieces of the thicker, which will be great for Jac cards.

I had one offcut that was too narrow for Deco card so tried out a 24st one to use on the SK280. The SKs have drums that read the pattern from pattern reader "fingers" which are quite harsh on cards compared to the Brother KH mechanism, which has a much gentler action.

My friend said, why was I bothering with a 24st card, blanks are easy to come by and not too expensive? and I wouldn't for a lace card, but this one was from a photo on the internet. I tried to put it straight into the notepad file and was hopeless at it. So onto excel it went and when I expanded it - I found a mistake, fixed it before I cut it. And I think that's a good one for the cutter to do. And the Decos. And the ideas out of my head onto the machine.

The Poly Paper is wonderful, cut well and then went through the machine's reader beautifully and without a mark. Very happy with it. The paper stock I have will be good for something that I want to try out but not keep. Throw it away and cut out another one if ever.

Here's the Poly paper card and the finished tuck stitch blanket. I like both sides. But that's not the point! The card is brilliant.