Friday, November 29, 2013

KH355 Japanese NaNa Midgauge Plastic Knitting Machine

I had to go and buy one of these.

With thanks to Mitzy on Ravelry, I've manage to work out what the little mystery box is, it's a knitleader that lights up the needles to assist with shaping. And no earthy good if you can't read the Japanese instructions. Never mind it's a lovely machine.

Mystery box which is an early knit leader - all in Japanese

Brother KH355 NaNa carraige

Thanks to Mitzy again, who found the Japanese method of changing the sponge bar. Which I thought would be nice in English. So here's mine

The sponge is enclosed in plastic and is changed from above

The top comes out by pinching the ends

The tape is on one half of the machine

and rolls off

                 lift up the electronic board and carefully remove the old sponge

Brushing out the fluff then insert the new sponge

put the circuit board back into it's clips and line up the lugs at the back and roll forward

locate the white pegs into their slots, making sure it all lines up and press down
 Now my NaNa is ready for a test knit! As far as I can tell, (which means as much as Mitzy could find out for me) it was only made for the Japanese market. But I hope the pictures are interesting.