Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Diana Sullivan's Midgauge Scrubbie Pattern from her YouTube Video

For those of us who like written instructions, here's what I do.

Buy some scrubby yarn from whoever sells it.

Diana uses her SK860, I'm using my LK150, both 6.5mm machines.

15cm tail is about that is needed each end.

Cast on: 

T1 or higher, it doesn't matter because I think T8 is too loose.

L19/R20 EON


hang comb

bring all needles into work


knit to RC30

Take off by threading 15cm end through all the loops 

Pull both cast on/off ends and firmly tie the ends together

Sew outsides together, purl side out, to form a circular disk.

Perfect project for any beginner and I'd guess that perhaps working EON on a standard machine MIGHT be doable, but certainly a bulky would do it just fine, but at a lesser stitch size, of course.  Both these alternative would need a tweek. And if I was doing these on the KX350, then I'd maybe, do T7, that sounds about right to me.

If none of that makes any sense to anybody else, Here's Diana's Video with an excellent explanation of all the steps. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

FC6 Fair Isle Carriage on the LK Midgauge Machines

 Fair Isle settings:

  • side levers - triangle
  • Hold levers - I
  • FI lever - F
  • Main Yarn - 1
  • Contrast - 2
  • Yarn in feeder 1 knits B
  • Yarn in feeder 2 knits D (make sure all the way out or it mispatterns yarn 1)

Slip settings:

  • side levers - solid circle
  • Hold levers - II
  • FI lever - O
  • Main Yarn - 1

Tuck settings

  • side levers - triangle
  • Hold levers - I
  • FI lever - O
  • Main Yarn - 1

Short rows in all of the above pattern styles: same as LC2 either take them off or knit back to A.

Short rows in stst - as usual Rusel levers to hold.