Tuesday, August 21, 2018

LC2 Cotton Shopping Bag

The drawing is the size of the Franklins bag. Franklins hasn't been a supermarket for a couple of years and the bag is starting it make it's own holes. Time to make a new one out of some of the very, very large stash I have of several things suitable.

T7 on LC2:
lace pattern: 20S=14cm 50R=20cm max stretch.
but work on 18S/10cm, 50R/14cm work on this.

stst is standard 28st/ 30R/10cm

Bag - Set up
Card 1 locked on any row.
side levers forward
L 12 sts on edge for the top
R 20 sts on edge for the base
300 RC plus the 4 plain rows throughout.
6 repeats of the basic pattern.

Basic pattern throughout, however I did mitres join on the base.
2 rows RC000
6 orange edge pins on the left - I ended up relatching after trying a couple of different thing.
10 orange edge pins on the right
left side lever back
50 RC
left side lever forward
4RC (54 RC)
left side lever back and wind back to either RC000 or 50.

Knit the 2 rows and set machine to start the first 50 RC.
On the right hand 20 plain stitches:
dec 1 st every 2nd row, I used the three prong tool
15 times, 30 rows
then I put bobby pins into every 2nd edge that I wanted to pick up. This makes it easier to pick up the correct row, it gets lost in the knitting and I always pick up the wrong stitch on the side and have to undo the whole mess.

Once that's done, pick up the first one immediately and knit it off, if I didn't it jammed up and i dropped a stitch, I kept a good grip on it until I could put a weight on it, when I didn't, I dropped a stitch that I didn't pick up ..

So while that's all going on, don't forget to stop at RC50 and do the 4 plain rows.
the middle mitre:
start on RC98
and the 2 middle stitches will fall in the middle of the 4 rows after 150 ie, RC 152.
Then do another one the other side, there's a photo of it.

After that second turn, I used SAYG to join up the first part of the base,
then RC 248 do the final mitre, but it's easy to see, the base is finished.

Straps done on the Passap
8/8 !:1 rib T3/3 300RC.
I decided to join them at the quarter and three quarter mark on the top.