Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ravellenics 2016

Had another excellent time knitting while the Olympics were on TV. And over at Ravelry, another Ravellenics were underway to celebrate that other sport - Craft, knitting- machine and hand, crochet, loom and that other activity that never appears in the real Olympics - that chance to undo something that has done terribly, horribly wrong - the Frogging event - where it's possible to undo the entire project so it can be made into something else. Now how many athletes at the Olympics wouldn't like a rerun?

So for this year, I did a pair of felted slippers, a pair of socks and two baby blankets. Here are the medals for them:

and Laurels

and we made our own machine medals:

And this year I wanted to punch out some new tuck stitch cards. which doesn't come into any category, but I managed to have five new ones to use.