Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Chat Day

I've been having no chat, just knit days on Ravelry to get a good run on some challenging projects. I think I spend too much time chatting and not enough time knitting, doing housework, sewing, reading etc.

I'm learning to use the Silver Reed machines this year and decided to rework the Apres Surf Hoodie, from the Summer 08 Interweave Knits mag, using Lace Card 10, rather than hand manipulate all the lace. I wasn't really interested in duplicating the lace as written, rather enough to do working the darn machine. It's the little things I've decided, something so simple as working the prong tools, totally different technique, I kept jamming them.

Another wonderful thing is I managed to do the decreases before the lace with the garter bar. Now for the problem. My darling cat used to be a wild thing. She decided that the garter bar box was dangerous, not to be trusted and spent an anxious hour working up enough courage to sniff it. Then decided to sit on me, then lay next to me, just in case it turned evil.

It reminded me of when she was new, and plastic bags were the most scary things. I decided to well and truly kill them for her. threw them on the ground and jumped up and down on them till she was happy they were no longer a threat. So we don't mind them now, even attacks her own paper bags now - all by herself. She has her ways...

Now back to my back - I. Have. Finished. It. And on the way, I've learnt -
to do fashion lace with the punchcard,
how to increase and decrease,
use the garter bar to do decreases over the work.
do a better roll hem
undo four rows without messing up where I was on the punch card
Remember to take out the yarn and put it back in

Phew: Ta Da: