Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Broken Toe Cast On Steps for 8ply-ish on the E6000

This is for the thickish almost 8ply. 250g/100g 

T1/1 1RC

No strippers

Insert comb in V beneath the BB needles add weights - or before either/or.

Remove FB needles, the fastest way was push them all up tap them all down a bit, remove the yarn.

make sure all FB needles are back into WP

Locks haven't moved anywhere

TX (5/5) N/N knit 1 row

TX (6.5/6.5) CX/CX 2 rows

N/N Insert Orange strippers

Put on 7s


Begin to knit ribbing.

after a few rows, put heel grip on edges

Then again, choose thinner yarn and do a racking cast on.

Friday, May 19, 2023

E6000 Repair, Refurbish, Restore - a gift from Jill Dixon

Some photos of the repairs.

In pieces
 I hadn't realised I hadn't put in an update for when I pulled apart my new e6000 and put in new flow combs. 

Some photos of what I did. It's not so long ago that I don't remember. A month out of my life I didn't get back.

Photos to follow. the back bed was frozen. It's working well.

Needles and pushers removed

The tool to undo all the nuts under

New piece ready to replace the broken one

Getting replaced

Broken eyelet