Sunday, August 1, 2010

Machknit Day 31July10

Yesterday was a great day at Epping, NSW, for the NSW Machknit group. They have one every year and this one was my first visit.

Bev instructed us on refurbishing a sponge bar for the Japanese machines and later how to dissassemble one to clean and refurbish.

Singer/Silver Reed and Brother standard machines were set up to show various techniques, a Brother garter carriage was chugging away, a Hague linker showing it's clever joining abilities and I was doing a demo of socks on a pinky Passap and daughter was showing how the simple KX350 mid gauge worked.

There was also free and for sale yarns, magazines, and all sorts of doo dads.

She's alsleep on my lap

Update on my Princess, she's settling down really well. She's asleep on my lap, leaving me enough room to type about her. She's decided to tell me she doesn't like certain food, a big leap for her, she's unfazed by noise, if she's hiding she feels safe and doesn't care. She's taken over my foam block I use to sit at my machine and is happy to sit in the open this morning in the sun, reminded me that I hadn't opened the curtains so she could.

Here is a photo of her upside down having a tummy rub.