Sunday, January 1, 2017

Smocking from Knits for Joy 101 Experiments

This is from 101 Knits for Joy. These pamphlets are all well out of print and so I can cite the source, not me, not my work, I can share the document with you.

Here is a scan of the whole pamphlet, a resource no longer available and I know I certainly haven’t seen a live one of any of the Purls of Joy, never knew they existed.

And here are my experiments on my SK280 and intarsia AG20 carriage.

The instructions are fairly simple – although I did come unstuck in the beginning. Oops.
Start with waste yarn, ravel thread
6 rows Col 1 (red) and then 4 rows Col 2 (white)
That’s the start only.
Next bit is the repeat:
6 rows Col 1 (red)
2 TWO rows Col 2 (white)
Then pick up the loops on the previous white on needle 2, then 8, 14, 20, 26 and so on –
2 TWO rows Col 2 (white)
6 rows Col 1 (red)
2 TWO rows Col 2 (white)
Then pick up the loops on the previous white on needle 5, then 11, 17, 23, 29 and so on –
2 TWO rows Col 2 (white

I did two ruler’s worth, that’s easiest for me.

I used a thinner red and slightly thicker white. I used the main carriage with the white, T6.1 and the intarsia carriage for the red, T4.1. Starts with 6 R red, 4R white, then begin the repeats 6R red, but only 2 TWO rows white.

Per the Purls of Joy pamphlet, start on the right hand side on needle 2, then every 6th. I used the 7 prong tool to make it easy to mark out every 6th.

I liked the top two white only ones, you might like a different set, but only one loop

Here are the two loops I mean.

Knit two more rows.

Then repeat with start on the RH side on needle 5 then every 6th.

 And here are some using the intaria carriage notes

I moved all the needles out to hold them pushed them back so the latches are near the gate pages, make sure all the latches are open then do the 6 rows of red. It was easier to have the white on the main carriage, however if the fluffy yarn is going to be used, then the intarsia will have to be used and it's a bit more work to set up the needles for the smock threads.

And here's what the other side looks like:


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