Monday, June 9, 2008

Long Socks Back Seam Decreases on the Passap

Further update on long socks workshop.

Back seam and quarter rotation - repositioning sts for heel:

C/0 (100), N/N, T 2.5, 50 rows. transfer front bed to back bed. T4.75 2 rows. Lock right.
Put half the (54) sts on the right onto decker combs, drop front bed, position combs and transfer. the centres will be on the centre of the machine. Reset RC 000.

CX/CX, T4.75, 20R; then ON THE RIGHT ONLY dec 1st each bed (2sts in all), with yellow tool (= push 3rd needle from the end up, take it off the needle with one of the prongs, collect the last 2 sts with both prongs, pull up and move across one, move edge spring, return end needle to resting position) every 15th row to (170)R; then every 10th row to (240)R (72sts). Continue working circular rounds until (300 ish rows) about 10 before dividing for the heel. (Rotating sts a few rows before heel divide prevents holes.)

Quarter rotation for heel:
(***Sometimes on the last round, locks at left, back lock set on DX, I put pushers on the back bed for only those stitches needed to be worked (last half), saving me undoing the front bed ones, once the transfer is complete)

Evenly divide the front bed onto two equal combs (try and put at least one so that the end will be in correct position when rotating). Drop front bed. Evenly divide back bed. YARN TO TOP OF WORK. CAREFULLY remove the right hand side half onto comb. Secure the remaining quarter of sts on the back bed by repositions edge spring and put a decker comb, prongs down between the sts and the back plastic plate thingy - prong it! prevents them jumping off the needles.

Rotate the three division combs so that the right hand side decreases will now become the centre of the front bed. (remember to move the yarn to the top of the work). Reposition the back quarter on the left, making sure you MISS the pronged sts, reposition the edge springs, CAREFULLY return all the needles, prong these too. Lift front bed, hold the sock (or put weights on) remove the prongs and CAREFULLY reposition the front sts. Prong the left half and ***Undo the sts on the right front bed- again CAREFULLY. Check all the sts are in the right place, continue knitting to heel divide.


Unknown said...

Oh wow. They're beautiful. Bring them to snb August?

Unknown said...

I'll also add - it's like reading a foreign language, this machine knitting business - I love it!

ozlorna said...

I wore one of the pairs in July!!

ozlorna said...

Yes I will bring a pair for show and tell too.