Monday, October 19, 2009

My "New" Knitting Machine is Here

It took it's time to come by road from Perth, and arrived in excellent condition, not a problem at all with transporting the complete width of the country.

and this is the ta da:

It's a Brother KX350, a plastic mid gauge hobby machine, which will knit slubby, novelty yarn into lovely scarves and toys. It's a flat bed, no ribber, can do tuck stitch and two colours but must be selected by hand. I would really love an electronic Silver Reed SK-860, but we will see how things go on this one first. Maybe the combo and this and my Passap will be plenty.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can create on it.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Congratulations! I am in the middle of a move and nearly all of my machine will wind up under the bed! I moved the E6 with motor last night. It will not be going under the bed (it wouldn't fit anyway)! I have not knit a thing since February due to health issues but am feeling the itch now that the weather is turning cold. I hope to be able to get the machine set up later this weekend and may have swatches by next week.

ozlorna said...

Oh my sympathies for the moving hassles. I hope your new place will have somewhere to put up at least one of them! My Passap is in the lounge room, so I can use it and watch TV. No spare room for me, so the hobbies have to share my life. The new one is happily set up on the dining table and is going on an excursion this afternoon to my daughter's place to knit some of her "muppet" stash.

bobbins said...

congratulations on the new addition to the collection. And of course the machines should share your life. What else should we be doing while watching the stimulating and fascinating programs on TV?

ozlorna said...

And of course, TV being what it is.. A lot of DVDs get watched too! The new machine is a bit further away from the TV, so I'll have to make sure it's a movie I've seen dozens of times. I'm going to have a go at making Gathered Pullover tomorrow, well see how it all goes or doesn't!!