Monday, February 6, 2017

Tuck Stitch Baby Blanket with cards from HGMKS Ch III 28, 39 & 43.

I've punched out some new cards from The Harmony Guide to Machine Stitches (1988-1990) Chapter III to use in blankets.As far as I can determine, the book will be covered by copyright until 2060, 70 years after the last publication. Or from the author, and I had no luck finding other than Barbara Devaney is the compiler of the publication. There seems to be enough second hand books around to buy a copy. I have used a lot of patterns from it.

So for this exercise, I'll put the card I've punched, the number in the chapter, the Left and Right needle position and approx rows and the mini card I started and ended with. The book is there to use the patterns there is no written restriction for any use of the patterns, so I'm happy that I make the blankets and they get sold at Hospital gift shops. Nowhere says we can't sell the finished goods.

Now onto the biz of making Two hour baby blankets from Chapter III.

Out of a leftover scrap, I punched a 24 row card 1, which I snap on after lining it up so the tucks flow into the main card for any pattern with 1x1 changing every row, Card 1. And a 30 row one for the 1x1 changing every 2 rows, whichever worked out with the pattern.

Match the tucks in the pattern to the mini card and snap into position on the tuck card. Knit around until the snapped on section is in a good spot to take of and join the rotating card.

When the row counter is somewhere between 500 to 550 ish, separate the card again, line up the mini card making sure the tucks flow, then when it's though the machine.
knit two plain stst rows.

I've used:
2 ends Cashmillon acrylic 2/28 in various colours just under 200g total, 100g each cone..
T6 on Std gauge SK280
Between 550 and 580ish rows before clipping on the mini card to finish the blanket.
I like to crochet cast on and around the gatepost cast off with 2 rows stst after CO and CO. (Cast on/ off your preferred method, I like what I do)

Load the mini starter card clipped to the punchcard lined up only, leave the ends free and get knitting.

Card 12: L98 R97, RC 590
Card 12: 24RC 1x1 1row, L98, R97, RC 590

Card 39: 30RC 1x1 2RC, L97, R96, RC580/592

Card 43: 30RC 1x1 2RC, L97, R97, RC632

Card 43: 30RC 1x1 2Row L97 R96 RC632

Card 39: 30RC 1x1 2RC L97 R96 RC580/592

Edge mini card flowing into pattern
If I get around to making baby blankets with any of the other cards, I'll add them


Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Hi Lorna - Looked for an email link and did not find one. Where do you get the Cashmillon?

ozlorna said...
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ozlorna said...

Gee Tom, where can't you buy it in Australia.. It's everywhere. I think you are in the UK? No the US. I'll see if I can find out who imports there.

marian bengal said...

I am going to try this pattern on my new-to-me 965i electroknit. I hope it comes out ok. Yours is beautiful I have that book and I can make the punchcards. If I could ask some questions to clarify the pattern I would be grateful.

ozlorna said...

No idea how to do this on an electronic machine. but the starter 1x1 (one st x one row - card 1) or 1x2 (Card one elongated - 1 st x 2 rows) is what is very, very common on tuck cards. My friend Bev suggested to put a border on the ends, not an original idea, but a good one. While I do mine this way, noone else I know does. They must have done years ago. However, they look good and they are popular.

How much help I can give you on an electronic machine? no idea. Try Ravelry Machine Knitting group, there's lots of people who could!