Sunday, July 24, 2022

Cleaning cloths and why doing a swatch is important

 Here's two ideas I found on line:

Eileen Montgomery's Tuck Stitch Dishcloths

Roz Porter's Wash Cloth via way back machine

And one from a well know lady at our club, Joyce, who is no longer knitting, but her "famous" pattern has!

Joyce’s Cleaning Cloth Pattern - (which I haven't tried yet - but it's here if someone wants to)

Card 1 double length. 

Yarn 2 ends Cashmilon 2/28 acrylic 

Set Ribber to H.position for all needle rib. 

Bring 71 needles on main bed to W.P.Bring needles on Ribber to W.P. having end needles on ribber bed. Carriage on right 

T. 0 T. 0 Knit zig zag row right to left, hang cast on comb. T.1 T.1 knit 1 row circular, ie one row each bed. T.3 T.3 set machine to read pattern and to knit on both beds, knit 1 row. 

Set main carriage to slip and Main bed tension to 4 and Ribber bed tension to 2. 

Knit approximately 140 rows , finishing with carriages on right, cancel slip setting . 

Knit one row to left T.4 T.4, set ribber to P position transfer all ribber bed stitches to main bed ,change to H.positon, bring alternate needles on ribber to W.P. M.Bed tension 6 ribber tension 4 knit one row, drop all loops off ribber needles ,. 

Latch tool cast off . Darn in ends. 


So, here I am armed with way, way too many 50g balls of "Crochet and Knitting", Soft etc, you know the ones, individually wrapped in plastic and discontinued a long, long time ago.

And I'm not using their 2, 3 or whatever ends of whatever, noooo, I have a mountain of plastic wrapped space stealers, and did I mention the enormous piece of thick cardboard tubing in the middle? no? well, they all have one - plastic, cardboard and "equiv" 4ply cotton, is you are lucky it says that.

And now I guess people would like some photos. OK here goes:

This photo shows the difference between stitch sizes. I misread my notes and did some on T5 and in the mid section I did 160 rows, but when I re-read the print not my dodgy pencil scribble, I should have done T6, and I did 140 rows. 

Here's my final decision after two didn't make the cut and were rewound, different numbers to double or not...

Single bed 4.5 machine - using card 1 (1x1) elongated

Cast on 60 stitches around the gatepost, exactly as you'd think, (and I weave in the end while I'm at it), 

T7 knit one row then gently tease all the stitches off the gateposts (make sure they are) 

Knit one row back Reset RC 000

Set machine to: TUCK, Double height or elongated.

Knit 20 rows.

RESET machine, SLIP MT+2 (ie T9) TAKE OFF elongated (on the SK, lever back)

Knit 10 rows

RESET machine: TUCK MT (ie T7) select elongated (SK lever forward)

Knit 140 rows

RESET machine to SLIP as above

Knit 10 rows

RESET machine to TUCK as above

KNIT 20 rows

RESET machine to STST (SK0, KH that lever on the left side of the buttons)

Knit 2 rows (to match the start)

Cast/Bind off around the gateposts.

Weave in the end, launder, dry, press, fold and I liked Eileen's idea of a ribbon around the gift.

Also, I did find an interesting thicker waffle pattern on Jane's MK Treasure Chest site, for the bulky KH260+ribber, in 10ply/Aran or double the 4ply cottons, I am waiting for parts for mine, then I might give it a try. Looks interesting, but I doubt they will be for this year. The 260 needs a bit of work to get it back up and running, poor neglected thing.

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