Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Heel Flap Anke socks

This is one for the big foots amongst us.

The problem with heel flaps socks and me is getting the flap long enough to go over my heel which results in a lot of picked up stitches to get rid of before the instep.

While doing Sim's Heel Flap socks I found for some reason, dec every 2 row count (every round) didn't sit right. I experimented with keeping the every 4th row count (2 rounds) on the upper, and reducing the extras for her on the sole side. This looked much better and when she tried on the sock, I decided that the decreases could have been done evenly along the sole side.

Now for me. On went my best fitting heel flap socks, which I have worn a hole in and badly need replacing. Now for the pinch and pull and counted back that I could have finished 10 stitches back and calculated that if I reduced 2 sts on the upper ev 4th row (2 rounds) and 2 on the 8th row (4th round) I would have a lovely convergence in just the right place. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. My new best fitting cotton ankle socks.

To make mine:

Recommend you look at Stephanie's heel flap tutorial, as these are based on her technique.

CO 72 using industrial 2:2 rib, I join my ribs on the front bed and transfer them both to the empty needle on the back bed to obtain 72 live stitches.
T3; R16; 2:2 rib; N/N. Do transfer for circular, no reset, T4.5, CX/CX cont to RC 24. RC000.

Heel over 36 sts:
Row 1: T4.5 , GX/BX, right arrow, ev alt pusher in WP; 1st and 36th are always in WP.
Row 2: GX/N
Return pusher 1 and 36 to WP
Repeat these 3 actions to RC56. Remember to TAKE OFF ARROW.
Turn heel numbers: 26, 2tog, 1. Next row: 12, 2tog, 1.. etc.

Take off machine, as it's done in cotton blend, there are too many stitches to stretch across, unfortunately. Using 2.25mm pick up 30 sts along heel flaps and knit 3 rounds. You can put them back onto the machine at this point but even so, it's still a very very tight fit. I never solved the problem of the stitches loosening too much in the centre of the heel, as seen in the photo, not a too bad when the enlarged stitches are shared amongst it's neighbours. When I do them again, I'll knit the next decrease round by hand and the next making the row counter 10, then put back onto the machine to see if that solves that problem.

Gusset Decreases: dec on upper every 4th row (RC 8), moving the 18 sts one needle to the left. Starting on RC8, dec 2 sts on the sole side, again moving 18 sts on needle to the right = 4 sts decreased in total on every 8th RC. (seq: -4 RC8; -2 RC12; -4 RC16; -2 RC 20 and so on) until 72sts remain.

Rotate and continue to RC 170.

Toe: dec 4 sts on rows 170, 178, 184, 190, 196, 200, 204, 208, 212, 216 then ev 2 rc to 8 sts.

Sew cuff, kitchener toe.

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