Monday, March 23, 2009

Passap 75s Socks

Edit 6Apr09: I've put Passap 75s pattern on Ravelry. download here.

I'm experimenting with tuck lace socks for the top of Sim's socks. I thought she'd like a little bit of girly on her black socks. Similar to the ones by Knittaxa's Mein Muster, I based mine on Passap Pattern 75 from the first little purple book and is achieved by alternating CX and DX with 1 pusher in RP at regular intervals depending on stitch count. 4R CX/CX, Black; 4R DX/DX, Grey, ev 5th pusher in RP.

eg on my 60 st - every 5th stitch is tucked, on the 64st, every 4th.

One pair is all black, exactly the same pattern as the two colour ones, except I couldn't work out how to do her preferred heel flap. She loved the short row heel anyway!

Others in the little purple Passap book Vertical stripe:Pattern 91 Checks: Pattern 111 Using scraps in nice patterned stripes: Pattern 36 Spots: Pattern 47 2col honeycomb: pattern 73.

The pattern to make these:
Front bed needles start on left on 30. needle seq: 1.11.11. to end .1 ending on needle 30 on right. on the back, 11.11.11 to last three 111; I didn't count how many there were in total, for 2:2 industrial rib, gave me 60 st.
Handle down, rack one needle to left.
Colour 1:
Blue strippers, N/N, T2, 1R,
CX/CX T3.5, 2R, rack one needle to right
N/N, T3.5, 1R. reset RC 000
N/N, T3.5, 20R.
Transfer sts to the back bed, I put the two front bed stitches together and transferred them into the single vacant needle.
Black strippers, handle up, GX/N, T4.5 (for the rest of sock), 2R, transfer 15 sts each side to front bed.
(If doing other colours- Colour 2:)
pusher set up: starting on front bed, left side, 4WP (up), 1RP (down) right around both beds, in continuous sequence, ending with very last one on left hand side of back bed DOWN.
DX/DX, 4R, Col 2
CX/CX, 4R, Col 1
continue this 8R sequence to row 143 (col 1), lock on left.
Heel, Col 1:
BX/GX, work short rows to 10 sts (put some weight on heel) and back (lock on left). work one row on the back bed (keeping to pattern).
Pusher set up: back bed remain unchanged; Front bed, last needle (on right) is DOWN, the rest are up and will be making stripes on the sole of the sock,
Col 2: DX/ DX, 4R
Col 1: CX/CX, 4R
Continue this 8R sequence to row 142 (black)
Col 1:, CX/CX
Pick up 3rd st from each end, put it on top on 2nd and at the same time, pick up 1st and 2nd together and put where 3rd and 2nd were, on all ends. 4 sts in total, each decrease.
on rows 142, 150, 156, 162, 166, 170, 174, 178 then ev 2 RC (single row) until 4 sts are left.

Here it is stretched out, which they will do in places, when worn.

Suggest Pusher Set up for these size socks or whichever combination you like, BUT the LAST PUSHER ON EACH BED MUST BE DOWN.
48 sts - every 4th
52 sts - every 5th x 2 and 6st x 1 in the centre
56 sts - every 7th
60 sts - every 5th
64 sts - every 4th
68 sts - every 4th x 8 and 5th x 2
72 sts - every 4th or 6th
78 sts - every 4th x 9 and 3rd x 1; or 4th x 8 and 7st x 1 in the centre.

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