Monday, July 5, 2010

Bag Lady Gloves - Fingertipless Gloves

Last winter I bought some 12ply Classic wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills back room in 50g balls for fingerless gloves. I started them, they were way, way too big, then by the time I fiddled around with them, I ended up putting them in a plastic bag and chucking them in the too hard basket.

Now winter has returned. It's cold. I'm cold and I have no fingerless gloves in warm wool. Ripped them back and tried trusty Ravelry and found a men's pattern in roughly the right ply - nope it didn't work. I know I'm a large framed person, and honestly men's medium should fit - nope too small. but gave me a good inbetween to aim for... and here they are in all their ripped and redid glory:

2 x 50g 12ply wool
4.00mm needles
5.00mm needles

C/0 40 STS ON 4.00mm 2:2 RIB, Work 16 rows
Continue on 5.00mm in stst. knit 4 rows.
Inc 1 st ev 2nd row 10 times (50 sts) - palm side, put a marker in but keep the increases in line.

Knit 3 sts on scrap, turn purl 3 sts, and slip the 10 sts increased onto holder. Knit over the scrap, continuing around (40 sts)

Work 4 rows.
My little finger in gloves is always too high, so here's how I solved it:

Little Finger: 8 sts; 8+4; from the needles, add 4 sts in the middle, knit 8 rows or adjust length, cast off.
When restarting, there are 5 or 6 loops to pick up, k2 tog or SSK on each side - 3 sts remain from the little finger.

knit 4 rows.

Ring Finger : 14st 4/3/4 st plus 3 in the middle. Knit 9rows. When rejoining, there will be 4 loops, k2tog on edges. 2 sts remain, cast off.

Middle finger: 16st: 6/2/6/2: Slip the first 6 and last 6 sts plus 2 from ring finger add 2 on, knit 13 rows , cast off.

Index Finger: 14 sts: 12/2: 12 remaining sts plus 2 from middle finger, knit 11 rows, cast off.

Thumb: pick up 16 sts: K2tog or ssk any stray loops picked up on the edges. K2tog (or SSK, to match side increase line), on the first knit round (also the stray loop pickup row - so actual count is 15sts after first round), then ev 2nd row, dec along that line (outside), to 12 sts, work one row, cast off.

Stitch counts:

Cuff: 40sts; 2:2; 16R

Hand, 4R; +1st ev 2R 10x
Little: 12; 8+4; 8R

Ring: 14; 4+3+3+3; 9R

Middle: 16; 6+2+6+2; 13R

Index: 14; 12+2; 11R

Thumb: 16 to 12sts over 8 rows


bobbins said...

Glad you were able to get a pattern that works! Cold hands are not fun. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

ozlorna said...

Oh, thanks, it's so I can make another pair, of course!

sheetal said...

nice information