Friday, July 9, 2010

Bag Lady Mitts

Edit: seeing as someone may want to adapt them, I've put in better instructions.
I used the long tail cast on over the two 4.00mm needles - nice and stretchy.
Cast off very loosely, with the 5.00s or 5.5 if you have them handy, especially if you want to fold back the tops, it's too uncomfortable otherwise.

After the stunning success of the fingertipless gloves, I decided to make a pair with ribbing to cover my fingers, using the same basic pattern. I fiddled around with them a little bit and the wrap and turn short rows really is perfect.

Needles: 4, 4.5 and 5mm
Wool: 2 x 50g ball of 12ply (worsted)
Fits: my big hands 23cm/9" around the knuckes (40 sts) (if you require a smaller size, do 32 or 36sts and rows should work out within a row or so - try them on and adjust as necessary).

If I made them again, I may even do one wrap and turn on the second row:

C/0 40 STS ON 4.00 2:2 RIB 16 rows

in stst. Knit 1 row.
** optional: put in a short row here:
work to 10 sts w&t; purl 20 sts, w&t, continue knitting in the round, this will be counted in the increases, so increase 1 st as if you were knitting in the round. **

Inc 1 st ev 2nd row 10 times (50 sts). Increased section is on the palm side.

Right: Knit 2 sts on scrap, turn purl 2 sts, knit 2 over the scrap, slip next 10 st on scrap or stitch holder, continue on 40 sts.

Left: 12 sts from your increase ridge, slip 10 sts onto scrap, knit 2, turn, purl 2 on scrap. Knit over 2 scrap stitches, continue on 40 sts.

Work 2 rows

Next row: knit 15 sts, Japanese W&T  purl 30sts W&T

Next row: knit 25 sts, Japanese W&T purl 20st W&T

Knit next row, picking up the loops from the W&T k2tog then SSK, keeping the loop behind the stitch. around to maker.

Knit one row

Continue in 2:2 rib
on 4.50mm work 14 rows.

Thumb: P/U 16, dec 1 st in divide line (ssk/ K2tog) dec ev 2 rows to 13 sts, knit 2 rows, cast off.

And the really nice thing is you can fold them back when you want to do stuff and roll them down to keep warm.


Re-Illy Unique said...

What a perfect idea! Fingerless gloves are never enough, it's always the tips of my fingers that freeze, yet full mittens or gloves are a pita to take on and off all the time to do things.
I'll have to bookmark this and give it a go as I understand more :)

ozlorna said...

I ripped them back a few times to get them just right (in fact I'm typing with them folded back now).

Let me know if you need any help resizing.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

What a great idea. I work at an auto auction and in the winter these would be perfect. Could still write and work the computer and still keep warm.